Fiber Meets Art

by Judy Gula

Fiber Meets Art

by Judy Gula

Years ago, I met Laura Cater Woods, an university trained fine artist who loves fabric. I learned many things from Laura over the years, but one that I use constantly in my art is the incorporation of “fine art” materials into my fiber art. At the time I was too intimidated to use Golden brand supplies such as matte medium, gesso, fluid acrylics, etc., because of course I didn’t think of myself as a “fine” artist, but as a craftsman.

Detail, sheer tabletop screen by Judy Gula

Well, times have changed, and nothing scares me anymore. Well, except maybe piecing a quilt that is larger than 36" x 36" where the points have to match!

So, back to mediums. We can use matte medium and my favorite Jo Sonja textile medium to “fuse” fiber materials together. These products work like a glue. I use this technique to create paper with silk fibers as well as to create sheer layers with polyester sheer fabrics and scarves.

In Judy Gula's Sheer Delight workshop, you will create fabrics that retain semi-transparency

Yes, following the rules of traditional quilting, just when I thought it was safe to toss the polyester from my stash — I realize, no, there aren’t any rules! And those non-traditional fabrics can create their own magic. What’s really special is that even with a multitude of layers, you can retain a sense of sheerness and transparency.

It’s amazing to have the light stream through. Like a piece of stained glass, but in fiber form.

I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with this technique over time. After being asked dozens of times about having a class to teach a panel I had hanging in the shop’s glass door frame, I put together my tips for you, and this weekend, April 26-27, I will be teaching my Sheer Delight workshop.

Sheer Delight window hanging by Judy Gula

Working with a wide variety of materials and these mediums, we’ll create custom mixed-media fabrics to create sheer tabletop screen or window hanging.

Day 1, Saturday, we will create our mixed-media fabrics, playing all day (no sewing machine required). After giving them plenty of time to thoroughly dry, on Day 2, Sunday, we will work with these colorful new textiles to create your choice of a free standing sculpture or a window piece.

I hope you’ll join me!

Seats are also still available in the week-long schedule of fiber and surface design classes we have arranged to following the SAQA classes. And we’ve recently edited and added to our regular class schedule: Carol Sloan’s classes orginally planned for post-SAQA are now in June, I’ve committed to several Dye Day dates for the summer, and Diane Herbort is giving us an advance look at her new paper and fabric tag book class that will be taught this fall in Houston at the International Quilt Festival!

P.S. Remember that because last Sunday was Easter, JAMs (Judy’s Altered Minds) will take place this Sunday instead, the 27th. We’ll move back to the 3rd Sunday schedule next month.

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