Finishing a Quilt with a Touch of Beading

by Judy Gula

Finishing a Quilt with a Touch of Beading

by Judy Gula

When quilting with our Hand Drawn Batik Panels, the finished product can be very simple, or can be embellished in a variety of ways. We always try to provide both options in our samples. Our quilt kits include flower panels by the very talented Hari Agung. Very simple, but an elegant finished product. But to make this particular panel “mine,” I felt that somehow it required a few hand dyed vintage doilies and beads.

Judy Gula yellow flower batik panel quilt

Pictured above, I had previously completed the quilt to including the binding and the vintage doilies but, until now, have not had time to add the beads. (Remember me previously writing about how my word for this year would be FINISH? Well, here we are...)

I began with the yellow vintage doilies as flowers. Below, a detail of the section I began working on:

Yellow floral batik quilt section before beading

I gather my favorite beading tools:

Judy Gula's favorites for beading

For beading techniques, we recommend the book: First-Time Beading on Fabric: Learning to Bead in Nine Easy Lessons by Liz Kettle; it is our go-to reference manual for beading on fabric. If you already have beading experience, don’t let the First Time in the title fool you — there is something for everyone in this book!

Creating a hydrangea-type flower by beading

Above, my idea was to use a variety of beads and stitching to create a Hydrangea-type flower. I used the beading to extend beyond the doily and batik flower. And sometimes, all that is needed is to just keep it simple! Below, I added beads just to the center of my vintage doily “flower.”

Yellow beads in the center of a doily create a flower

I’m enjoying finishing this project. Friends thought my quilt was beautiful as is, but I knew it needed a bit of beading to truly consider it mine!

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