Finishing Mr. Buck’s Quilt

by Judy Gula

Finishing Mr. Buck’s Quilt

by Judy Gula

I’ve just put together a vintage hankie art quilt class! Join me on Sunday, November 23 to create your own wonderful piece!

Last week I promised you more about the additional work on Mr. Buck’s 80th birthday quilt. I actually forgot to take pictures of the re-embellished quilt myself! His daugter took some for me and emailed me.

As I wrote last week, my vintage hankie covered in anchors was perfect this proud Navy man. Below is the first edition of his quilt.

Vintage Hankie Quilt for Mr. Buck's 80th Birthday

Nice on its own, but I knew I wanted to add more embellishments and personalize it. Those white corners were calling to me... Mr. Buck was kind enough to understand and give it back to me for these additions.

With the top right corner already embellished, I worked around the quilt. A heart shaped lace trim appliqué that I hand-dyed red was the perfect accompaniment to a treasured family photo for the lower right corner (below).This detail photo also shows off the cute cream-colored sailboat buttons I added to the bottom border.

A family photo adorns the corner of Mr. Buck's quilt

Next, the lower left corner. I added another family photo above the United States Naval Academy patch to commemorate his happy days in Annapolis.

Vintage photo from Mr. Buck's Annapolis days

Mr. Buck is the handsome #21 on the championship intramural horseshoe team!

Detail, vintage photo from Mr. Buck's Annapolis days

Finally, the top left corner seems to be the perfect resting place for a vintage paper sailor. I love how he fit the theme and added creamy warm tones to balance the gold and yelllows that accent the quilt.

Paper sailor ephemera

Here is the finished quilt. I do apologize that has had borders being cut off, but it’s the only complete photoI have. (You can click on the photo for a larger view.)

Mr. Buck's quilt, really finishe this time!

I’m much happier with this final outcome, as it is so much more personal to Mr. I’m of the mind that if a little embellishing and ephemera is good, then a lot is better!

More to come on vintage hankie quilts in future postings. I hope to see some of you at my new vintage hankie art quilt class on November 23rd. As you can see these quilts make wonderful gifts (if you can bear to part with them), and the winter holidays will be here before we know it!

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