Memento Ink Pads + Wooden Printing Blocks = Fun!

by Judy Gula

Memento Ink Pads + Wooden Printing Blocks = Fun!

by Judy Gula

I’ve stated this many times so far in this blog, and here is it again: I am a fabric girl. I am continuing to learn about using paper, and enjoy it, but fabric is my go-to medium.

So with that being said, I am pretty fearless using products on fabric that aren’t meant to be used on fabric. But I will I jump right on it when a manufacturer takes care of the testing for me, and states up front that its product is FOR use on fabric! That is the case with Memento Luxe Mixed Media Ink Pads (see more about them at the end of this post).

Memento Luxe Mixed Media Ink Pads are made by Tsukineko, which the first manufacturer that I knew of that created inks that were permanent on fabric when heat set. At that time they came in a marker form. Now we have ink pads!

Next enter wooden printing blocks — limitless fun in pattern form! My current stash of various types of ink pads had never worked with wooden printing blocks: the wood sucked up the ink too quickly, leaving either nothing to be transfered to the fabric, or such a faint and uneven print that it wasn’t suitable. A friend suggested that I try Memento Luxe Mixed Media Ink Pads with my wooden printing blocks and it works beautifully!

I was thrilled with the results of just ink on fabric. But because these inks are very “juicy” I was able to add embossing powders for texture. (Told you, I’m all about using non-fabric products on fabric.) I’m hooked!

I had some Postcards fabric collaged and ready to go.

Below are some results of my testing:

Apply the ink to the wooden printing block
From Top down Wooden printing Block, fabric postcard, foam mat
Applied Black Gesso (Instead of white) to postcard creating an oval
stamped with memento, covered with embossing Powder, add heat
A New Postcard!
Using Clear Embossing Powder, UTEE

The Memento Luxe Mixed Media Ink and embossing powder is very cool, but what if I want to keep the color of the ink? Enter clear embossing powder — I used Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.

Samples of Postcards with Memento Inks and Embossing Powder Finish

This idea would of course show up better if the fabric was a solid or very small print... but you know me, I like to collage my postcards...

Below is a swatch print of my new favorite paisley wooden printing blocks. Each of the three prints began with white Memento Luxe Mixed Media ink: left is the print alone, center is topped with Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powders in Fired Brick (these are a little softer in color and texture; after you apply and emboss with your heat gun, you rub the embossed element, which releases special crystals to give you a textured, worn and weathered look) and right is topped with Metallic Embossing Powder in gold.

Test swatch, inks and embossing powders on fabric

Memento Luxe Facts from Tsukineko Inks:

    • Mixed media ink can be used on any porous surface: paper, fabric, wood, leather and more.
    • Permanent on fabric when heat set and will remain vibrant on textiles even after repeated washings
    • Available in 24 vibrant colors
    • Great ink for paper projects as well as mixed media
    • Highly fade-resistant ink
    • Relatively fast drying for a pigment ink

NOTE: prize has been awarded So, a bit of a challenge for you: try out this technique to create your own fabric (or paper/cardstock) postcard. Mail it by June 14, 2014 to me and your name will be entered into a drawing for a Wooden Printing Block! My choice, your sweet surprise!

Mail your finished postcard to :

Judy Gula Artistic Artifacts 4750 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria, VA 22304

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