Using Relics & Artifacts by Sandra Evertson

by Judy Gula

Using Relics & Artifacts by Sandra Evertson

by Judy Gula

First, congratulations to Shari Adkisson, the randomly drawn winner of Lyric Kinard’s DVD, Thermofax 101: Screen Printing Made Easy from our participation last week in the Thermofax 101 Blog Hop.

In last week’s enewsletter we featured the Relics & Artifacts line designed by Sandra Evertson, and wow, these archival casts are pretty cool! Like Sandra, I love Mexican Milagros, and immediately gravitated to the Flaming Heart EX Votos 1 package that is so reminiscent of them.

Relics & Artifacts line designed by Sandra Evertson, Flaming Heart EX Votos 1 Applying Silks Acrylic Glaze in Guatemalan Green

When these are first out of the package, you immediately see and feel how the surface is nice and smooth: perfectly ready for paint, stain or other. I like that there are hanging options already built into the product. While I have debated cutting off the metal hook on my finished projects, so far I haven’t done it.

For my first piece, I started by applying a layer Silks Acrylic Glaze in Guatemalan Green. After that paint was dry, I rubbed on some Inka Gold in Gold. Inka Gold dries very quickly, so my background was soon ready for embellishment.

Embellished Relics & Artifacts Flaming Heart EX Votos by Judy Gula

I applied a pretty Renaissance-like women’s portrait to the cast, using Golden Soft Gel Medium both under and over. Once that dried, I added metal and crystal embellishments using Crafter’s Pick Jewel Bond.

To dress this up for the finished photo, I cut Silk Ribbon and Leaf Vine ribbon and tied them through the metal loop at the top. I’m still debating how and where this piece will end up: it could easily become a necklace, part of an assemblage or be featured on an art quilt.

The next piece I chose to work with was the one with the “G.R.” cast into them. While I love learning from Sandra’s description that these initials stand for “Gratis Received” or “Grace Received,” for this project I choose to cover them.

Applying Silks Acrylic Glaze as a first layer

First, the paint layer. Again using Silks Acrylic Glaze, this time in Carmen Red, I painted the first coat.

As you can see in the left side of the photograph, I tried to add the second coat of blue too soon, and had to wipe it off. Okay THEN I let the red dry! Honest!

The next coat is Silks Acrylic Glaze in Blue Flame. Let dry.

The embellishing began with the application of Inka Gold, again using the Gold color. Then I added Stewart Gill Fresco Flakes in Partheno (Moroccan Blue). I loved the texture, but decided I wanted a bit more “bling” so I added the Stewart Gill Byzantia Gilding Chips in Electra. I also added a vintage piece of decorative copper, attaching it with the Crafter’s Pick Jewel Bond.

Embellished Blue Flaming Hearts Ex Voto

The finished heart is perfect for my small assemblage, the base of which is a vintage stamp pad tin. Click on the photo below for a larger view.

Embellished Relics & Artifacts Flaming Heart EX Voto Assemblage by Judy Gula

These Relics & Artifacts shapes were so easy to use, and give you an amazing design start to whatever you are dreaming up. I have already begun planning my next project, using the faces... Stay tuned!

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