Reserve Your B 990 Now!

SKU: B990_deposit

Reserve Your B 990 Now!

SKU: B990_deposit
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The new top of the line BERNINA 990 is THE ultimate expression of Swiss engineering, precision and innovation. Process this refundable* deposit and you can be one of the exclusive first to use it! Your deposit guarantees your place in line, and makes you a Charter VIP member of the new B 990!

As a Charter VIP member, you’ll be part of a limited elite group that receives exclusive perks. Most importantly, your machine will be one of the first ones to arrive — you will have it in your home before any other consumer machines have left the factory! VIP members will be able to watch the live stream BERNINA University “reveal” at launch on June 18, and the first to see exclusive content!

* Note: 3% processing fee applies to refunds.

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