CommentSold Live Sales & App Info

Wondering about the difference between our secure shopping website and another “site,” our CommentSold store, that features our products? We began our CommentSold live selling events as an ideal opportunity to share with you special Creative Finds for Creative Minds — one of a kind products, or those with such limited quantities where it’s not feasible to list on our website. We set up each Live Sale (as well as app-only special sales that do not feature a hosted presentation) as an Artistic Artifacts Facebook event, and always provide a link to these events in our weekly newsletter.

Use the Artistic Artifacts CommentSold app for the best viewing and shopping experience with our Live Sales

We use CommentSold to help us administer these sales, and for the best viewing and shopping experience, we recommend downloading the dedicated mobile app for the Artistic Artifacts CommentSold Store!

Our app is a free download for phones, tablets, and laptops — and no Facebook account is required if using the app. Search Artistic Artifacts in your app store, or use these links:

Once downloaded, on the main screen, tap Register. Depending on your device, you will follow a process in which you enter your account information, such as email. Once registered, you can access our previous live sales, products, and our account page.

Enjoy this video overview of our Artistic Artifacts CommentSold app featureswatch now »

With the app, our live and special sales events stream directly to your phone or device — it’s fun and easy to watch! During our live events, you can comment, ask questions and receive answers in real time. In addition to watching in real time live, you can use the app to view a presentation replay at your convenience. You have the option to watch the full replay, or you can browse find items of interest and view just the portion of the video where they were featured! There is also a ‘waitlist’ functionality that allows you to receive a notification if a sold out product is once again available.

It’s easy to securely shop and process your order using the Artistic Artifacts CommentSold app!

Once downloaded, the app will send out reminders and and notifications on our latest live sale event. We also periodically run special sales and limited-time discounts exclusively for our app customers!

The majority of live & special CommentSold sales feature products and special deals that are not available on here. In addition to gathering one of a kind items for our themed Live Sale events, Judy and staff enjoy putting together special packs and bundles, or grouping together products listed on our website as a special new Live Sale product – fabric with thread, or stamps with ink pads, etc.

Our staff is always happy to assist our customers to shop both avenues — we combine orders from this site and the CommentSold store to ship together, make refunds of extra shipping charges, etc.

We encourage you to explore this additional avenue for finding unique fiber and mixed media supplies! You can download the app at any time to get a feel for how it works. Remember, it’s not required to shop ONLY during a live event — you can review any past presentations and shop from the products that remain any time you like via the app!

We announce our live & special CommentSold sales in advance via our social media channels and in our Wednesday newsletter — subscribe now if you are not already receiving it!