Happy Holidays 2023

by Judy Gula

Happy Holidays 2023

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Time again for the apology in keeping up with the blog — we had the best intentions, but 2023 was a VERY busy time for us, capped off with the ongoing transition to this new website and point of sale system. We’ll repeat our new year’s resolution for 2024 and try for more regular postings!

I periodically offer images from my extensive ephemera collection as a thank you to our wonderful community of customers and friends, and for this year, I’m gifting you with a trio of images I purchased when I was in Italy earlier this year for the Creative Retreat in Ischia di Castro that I co-teach with Liz Kettle. (Note: Our Capturing a Sense of Place retreat will return to Northern Italy on September 7-15, 2024, but reservations/deposits must be made by March to ensure this event takes place. Join us for mixed media art mornings, afternoon tours, accommodations in a medieval city and more!)

Buon Natale ephemera

First up is this Buon Natale greeting. I’m sure I’m not the only one envying the beautiful winter coat this beauty is wearing! Download your high-resolution JPG file »

Woman swinging vintage ephemera

While not winter-themed, I really fell for this wonderful image of a young woman swinging and am certain it will appeal to many of you too. Download your high-resolution JPG file »

Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) vintage book cover and spine

And finally, Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) — a really gorgeous book cover and spine I couldn’t resist. Download your high-resolution JPG file »

And since this is the time of year with an increase in greeting cards exchanged, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a social media post that absolutely delighted me! Young at Art, LLC in Ohio teaches a wide variety of art projects and experiences to all ages, and recently that posted photographs of students with their woven paper art — crediting ME with the inspiration!

Young at Art, LLC students with paper weavings inspired by Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Check out their Facebook posts here and here to click through all the artworks. Everyone created such colorful, fun weavings! They looked at my 2015 Woven Paper post and the followup Greeting Cards with Woven Paper, where I answered the question of what I did with my weavings.

Young at Art, LLC student paper weavings framed for display, inspired by Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts

Above, you can see that the framed art creates a wonderful gallery wall in the organization’s lobby. Thank you Young at Art for sharing that I inspired you — these talented young people are inspiring us too!


  • Artistic Artifacts

    To download, click on the links, which bring up the full-size version, then right-click (or click and hold on a Mac) and save the high resolution JPG to your computer.

  • Linda

    Hondo you download. When I click on only get image.

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