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They're flying off the shelves! PRE-ORDER your choice of Mattints colors — our restocking shipment is on its way! PaperArtsy Fresco Mattints, sold per 1.7 fl oz (50ml) bottle. Mattints are a tinted matte glaze and glue developed by PaperArtsy. Mattints are highly transparent, yet dry with a matte finish, resulting in no-shine see-though layer. The tints are buildable and extremely versatile: they can be mixed and layered and the color will strengthen with each layer. Use with Printed Tissue, washi sheets, book text and more as an adhesive or sealant that is 100% transparent color, fast drying, UV safe and acid free with a matte finish. Perfect to glue light weight layers and objects while also adding colour! Mattints partner beautifully with Fresco Finish Chalk paints — layer over dry paint, or mix into wet alter the shade to either knock back bright colors, or boost up dull ones. Mattints are available in four slightly vintage tints: Shark, Glow, Fern, and Nutty and four brights: Dragonfly, Jam, Squeezed and The Pink. Select your colors below:

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