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B790 PRO – Next level of sewing, quilting and embroidery! Released at BERNINA University 2023 in Dallas, the B790 Plus is enriched with exciting new sewing, quilting and embroidery features and the next generation stitchprecision2 Technology that makes your sewing, quilting and embroidery experience quieter, more precise, and joyful. Swiss innovations allow for superior stitch quality and up to 33% higher SDT embroidery speed. Enjoy pinpoint precision by seeing exactly where the needle will enter the fabric in every needle position with the BERNINA Pinpoint Laser, which marks your start and travel points as you sew and embroider. Simply push a button and watch the machine thread the needle — you’re ready for sewing in a breeze. With the new 4-Point Placement, you can place your designs to precisely suit your project: simply define four points on the fabric in the hoop and the design is placed proportionally or can be morphed to fit the created boundary. WiFi is enabled on the B 790 PRO, and with the BERNINA Stitchout App, you can monitor your embroidery with your smartphone remotely. The in-app notifications and real-time status updates will make your embroidery more flexible and convenient. The new Customizable Quilt Designs (.bqm) bring the functionality of professional longarm quilting to your embroidery machine. Unlimited scaling possibilities, the ability to modify the stitches per inch (SPI) and enhanced quilt securing functions enable you to achieve perfect computerized quilting on your embroidery machine. There’s so much more with the new B 790 PRO — download a product brochure (PDF, 1.8M) or visit the BERNINA website for complete details on the B 790 PRO.  MSRP is $15,499 — email us for the Artistic Artifacts price!
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