Service Your BERNINA at Artistic Artifacts

    Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA has BERNINA-trained repair technicians on staff and on site: Ben Rafky shared how-to’s for at-home cleaning and oiling of a wide range of BERNINA sewing machines for during a Facebook Live event — watch the archived video now from our YouTube channel.

    Click to download the Artistic Artifacts BERNINA Service Department check-in form

    We do not make service appointments, but instead work on machines in the order in which they are received in store — you may bring your machine to us at any time during our store hours. Download the PDF version of our Service Department check in form to fill out in advance of bringing in your machine, or complete the form on-site.

    • Basic parts and repairs under $100 will be automatically repaired/replaced in standard service unless otherwise specified. Examples of this include labor cost on warranty parts (1/2 hour labor - $45), spool pin replacement, cable replacement, etc.
    • We REQUIRE that your machine is using the most current version of firmware prior to servicing. If you don’t feel comfortable updating your model yourself (see "Updating Firmware" below), our technicians will do so —  a $25 charge/fee is assessed.

    Service is warranted for 30 days after pick-up. Please use your machine soon after picking it up from its service appointment to confirm that any repairs have been made to your satisfaction. Currently our service turnaround is 3-4 weeks. We will always update you with longer time estimates if necessary due to ordering specialty parts, etc.

    In addition to your sewing machine, the following items* are required when bringing it in for servicing or cleaning. Missing items may slow down the completion of your service.

    • Power cord & Foot control
    • Bobbin case with bobbin
    • Presser Feet — please include the following feet (if machine appropriate):
      • #3A/#3C (automatic buttonhole)
      • BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) — IF it is part of the problem requiring service
    • General sewing stitch plate (not a straight stitch plate)
    • Hard case/cover

    Please do not bring any additional items. Artistic Artifacts will not be responsible for any additional accessories left with the machine while it is being serviced.

    — If you are bringing in a BERNINA Embroidery machine for servicing, please also include:

    • Embroidery module
    • Hoop (large oval)
    • Embroidery/Darning Foot

            NOTE: Please make a backup of your embroidery designs on a personal design card or hard drive before bringing your BERNINA in for servicing. Artistic Artifacts is not responsible for any designs you may have saved on your machine.

    — If you are bringing in a BERNINA Serger for servicing, please also include:

    • Standard feet
    • Needle plates

    All service customers will be asked to provide a detailed description of the problem requiring repair on their Service Department check in form. Include the type of thread and needle used when problem occurred. If possible, bring in a sewn example that illustrates the issue; a stitch sample or video of the problem can be helpful in diagnosing the issue.

    As a rule of thumb, you should take your machine in every ~3million stitches or on an annual basis. An annual Clean, Oil & Adjust (COA) is recommended. Email us or phone (703) 823-0202 to learn more about having your BERNINA serviced at Artistic Artifacts.

    At Home Maintenance

    Your machine will benefit from simple at-home maintenance in between regular service appointments. As noted above, we have shared how-to’s for at-home cleaning and oiling of a wide range of BERNINA sewing machines by Ben Rafky, one of our certified BERNINA service technicians, on our YouTube channel.

    From BERNINA’s WeAllSew blog, these frequently asked questions to machine cleaning and oiling include links to video tutorials and more. The We All Sew Blog also recommends the following:

    Updating Firmware

    While written for the 7 Series, this WeAllSew blog post reviews at-home maintenance tasks and discusses how to see what version of firmware your machine is operating on and how to update: “Visit the support page on Under ‘Search support info for BERNINA models,’ locate your machine model. Here you will find important tools like the machine manual and simulator. In the Firmware section, there will be three items: 1) instructions on how to download and install firmware, 2) release notes indicating what has changed in the most recent firmware release, and 3) the firmware files themselves. Check the firmware version number listed—is this number higher than what’s installed on your machine? If so, it’s time to update!”

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